Section 4: Elections Procedures and Qualifications

I. Qualifications, generally

  1. DCM: 4 years sobriety
  2. Treasurer: 2 years sobriety
  3. Everyone else: 6 months sobriety.
  4. This is the amount of sober time needed at the start of the service term; not necessarily at time of election. Why? These positions help ensure AA is available to everyone in the District who needs it by filling specific needs. We need people with somewhat established sobriety time for consistency. But you can still serve if you don’t have the required sober time by helping out on one of the committees. The committee chairs can always use extra help.
  5. Ability and willingness to attend District meetings regularly.
  6. Knowledge of the duties of the position, ability and willingness to perform them.
  7. DCMs typically have served as GSR.
  8. The Treasurer shouldn’t take off with more money than he or she is willing to replace.

II. Inactive service positions

  1. If someone does not show up to District for two months in a row the District has the option of considering that person to have resigned her or his position.
  2. The DCM shall attempt to contact that person to discover what the situation is and whether that person desires to step down.
  3. At the next District meeting the district members will discuss the situation and take action as appropriate.

III. Candidates should introduce themselves, their home group, their length of sobriety, past service positions, and why they are interested in the position.

IV. When there is more than one candidate, they should leave the room during the voting.

V. Voting is by simple majority.

  1. If there are more than two candidates, the candidate with the least amount of votes will be dropped and another vote held until there are only two. A simple majority will decide the final two.

VI. Elections take place in September of even-numbered years.

VII. All positions are 2-year terms. Terms begin in January of odd-numbered years.

VIII. All District service positions and GSRs of registered groups have a vote.

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