General Service Representative (GSR) Training – District 23

General Service Representative (GSR) Duties

  • A GSR has the job of linking his/her group with A.A. as a whole
  • GSRs represent the voice of the group conscience by reporting the group’s thoughts to the District Committee Member (DCM) and to the Area Delegate, who passes them on to the Area Assembly and on to the General Service Conference
  • Is responsible for bringing back to the group any Conference Actions and Area Assembly actions that affect AA unity, health, and growth
  • The GSR’s duties are outlined in detail in the AA service Manual (Chapter 2); please read your manual for more information
  • Elected by the AA group for a two (2) year term
  • Help when your group faces a problem involving one of the Traditions
  • Fill out the Group Change Form – Need 6 digit group number

GSR Tips

  • The GSR is widely considered to be the most Important job in AA
  • GSR’s are given the “Right of Decision” to decide on matters relating to their group without soliciting the group conscience on every single matter (Concept 3); They are trusted servants
  • A good relationship with your home group is probably the most important thing you have
  • Get alternate GSRs involved as they hold the same responsibilities as the active GSR and all too frequently have to assume the role of the active GSR
  • Service sponsorship is a huge plus and is highly recommended
  • Spirit of rotation – rotation gives on the opportunity for others the privilege of serving and sets a good example

GSR Responsibilities to their Group

  • Gather group conscience and report to rest of service structure
  • Are active members in their home group and participate in business meetings
  • Perform group inventories: Typically done on an annual basis with the help of an external moderator. See “The A.A. Group” pamphlet for sample questions and more information
Report back information from service structure
  • Upcoming Events
  • Service opportunities
  • Open service positions at the district or area level
  • Info from agenda items in the district and area level to seek group conscience
  • Motions that passed or failed
  • Health of standing committees
  • GrapeFree Press (Area 25 newsletter)
  • Area 25 Wrap Sheet (~1 month after every assembly)
  • Box 4-5-9 (GSO o Newsletter)
  • Final Conference Report (GSO)
  • Area 25 mailing lists (
Ensure group finances are in order and contributions are being made
  • After all group expenses are met (GSR travel to area, coffee, rent, etc.) groups typically donate to the service structure with the following split – 40% General Service Office (GSO), 30% Area 25, 30% District 23
Make sure meeting listings are up to date
  • District 23 printed schedule and website
  • Area 25 website
  • Meeting Guide app (iPhone and Android)

GSR Responsibilities to the District

  • Attend monthly district meetings
  • Vote in district matters and elect committee and DCMs
  • Give a status report of the group you represent (keep to 2 minutes): Health of group, Upcoming events, Changes to schedule
  • Discussion of business from the previous or upcoming area assembly
  • Discussions of special events such as a “workshop” that the district may be organizing
  • Bring up new business items that reflect the group conscience
  • Participate in district committees
  • Ensure the GSR and alternate GSR information is up to date on the district roster

GSR Responsibilities to the Area

  • Attend Area Assemblies in January and July in Salina, KS
    • Most groups fund travel and lodging expenses for their GSR (District 23 provides one room for men and one for women)
    • Elect delegates and Area Committee members
    • Attend GSR training
    • Vote on area business
    • Participate in area committees
  • Optionally attend Area Committee Meetings in April and October in Salina, KS
    • Participate in area committees
    • Mock general service conference
    • Discuss action items for upcoming Area Assembly
    • General sharing session
  • Report to your group information from committee chairs, delegates, area motions, events, etc.
    • Box 4-5-9 (GSO Newsletter)
    • Final Conference Report (GSO)
    • GrapeFree Press (Area 25 newsletter)
    • Area 25 Wrap Sheet (~1 month after every assembly)
  • Helpful Links
    • District 23 Website –
    • Area 25 Website –
    • GSR Pamphlet –
    • Group Pamphlet –
    • Group Change Form –